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Dial-A-Ride-Transportation (DART)

DART (Dial-A-Ride-Transportation) is designed for people whose disability or health condition prevents them from using regular fixed-route bus service. DART's courteous, friendly, well-trained drivers are able to safely assist guests aboard clean, air-conditioned, wheelchair equipped vehicles. Trips can be made for any reason, such as health care, employment, shopping, senior centers, schools, recreation, social activities and more.

DART also assists people with transportation needs outside the area by making travel plans with other transportation providers including ACCESS Paratransit (in King County), Everett Paratransit, the Transportation Assistance Program (TAP), Community Transit, King County Metro, Sound Transit and Washington State Ferries.

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Transportation Assistance Program (TAP)

TAP provides safe and reliable transportation for older adults and people with disabilities who live outside the DART service area. TAP’s wheelchair accessible vehicles connect people to services, health care, senior centers, shopping, recreation and more.

TAP clients are picked up at their door and delivered to their destination or if needed, transferred to another transportation provider – DART, Everett Para Transit, or ACCESS.

Transportation Assistance Program Americans with Disabilities Act Policy - English

Transportation Assistance Program Americans With Disabilities Act Policy - Chinese

Transportation Assistance Program Americans With Disabilities Act Policy - Korean

Transportation Assistance Program Americans With Disabilities Act Policy - Spanish

Transportation Assistance Program Americans With Disabilities Act Policy - Vietnamese

Homage Title VI Policy - English

Homage Title VI Policy - Chinese

Homage Title VI Policy - Korean

Homage Title VI Policy - Spanish

Homage Title VI Policy - Vietnamese

Pay Your Pal

If you have a disability that prevents you from driving and you live in an area that is not near a bus stop, Pay Your Pal may be able to help.  Pay Your Pal provides mileage reimbursement for people who volunteer to drive you to work, school or medical appointments.

If accepted into the Pay Your Pal program, you are responsible for finding your volunteer drivers.  Your volunteer drivers must be insured and licensed, and their vehicles must be safe and fully operational.

Ethnic Senior Dining Transportation

The Ethnic Senior Dining program provides elders the opportunity to come together on a regular basis for culturally appropriate meals, socialization and social services. Ethnic Senior Dining Transportation makes it possible for elders to participate in activities at the Multicultural Senior Center located at the Center for Healthy Living in Lynnwood and the Carl Gipson Senior Center in Everett. Meals are served at 12 noon.

Lynnwood Location:

Chinese Seniors, Tuesdays, 425.290.1249
Filipino Seniors, Fridays, 425.514.3185
Korean Seniors, Thursdays, 425.290.1274
Vietnamese Seniors, Wednesdays, 425.290.1256

Everett Location:

Hispanic/Latino Seniors, 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, Carl Gipson Senior Center, 425.514.3186


Contact Information:

DART (Dial-A-Ride-Transportation)
Fax: 425.355.9710
TTY: 711

TAP (Transportation Assistance Program)

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Pay Your Pal Transportation Program
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