Senior Services of Snohomish County Taking on New Identity


Our Commitment to success:

Senior Services of Snohomish County has developed a strategy to enhance our image, perception, and success as a quality, preferred community brand. We want to provide a distinctive, truly one-of-a-kind experience. Senior Services of Snohomish County will soon be known as Homage (Senior Services). In the coming months you will see a refresh of our brand and logo. Our over 40 year commitment to you, to our programs, and to our partners remains steadfast. We want to create a brand identity that engages our clients and the community on an emotional and functional level. Our Promise to you is reflected in our new tagline of “well-being as we age.”

So what does Homage mean? Homage is defined as respect, reverence or acknowledgement of the worth of another person. It is a bold change intended to get attention, reflect values around honoring and respecting those we serve, and invite the community in with shared values of compassion and caring for others embedded in the last line of the Promise statement “It’s a Way of Life”.

The home (hom) relates to the desire of people to stay in their own home, peace of mind, aging (age) relates to the life’s journey as we age. Home-age, Homage.

Our mission statement remains the same. “To promote independence, preserve dignity, and enhance the quality of life through the provision of services for older adults and people with disabilities.” Whether you are a client, donor, volunteer, advocate, service provider, community member or staff we want you to experience our promise and feel connected to the new brand.

We will continue to provide our community with the programs and services that are so vital to the health and well-being of every senior and person living with a disability. Programs that support Wellness, Minor Home Repair, Transportation, Social Services, and Nutrition will remain a primary focus as we deliver on our brand Promise as Homage Senior Services.

Well-being in life’s journey as we age

Improving lives and community… one person at a time

Respect, love, peace of mind and caring help when you need it

“It’s a way of life”

“Senior Services of Snohomish County is taking a bold step forward in addressing the needs of our county’s, and our nation’s, fastest growing population. Their review of the challenges and opportunities ahead for both honoring and supporting individuals as they mature serves as a strong foundation for charting a course for the future. I applaud Senior Services in this timely and important effort.” (Mary Jane Brell Vujovic, Director Snohomish County Human Services Department)

“I have a passion for giving back to those who have given so greatly to all of us. The beauty of providing services that give peace of mind, independence, and respect to seniors and people with disabilities is that we all thrive as a community.” (Julie Bogue-Garza SSSC, HR Consultant and Board VP)

How we developed the new brand:

We hired a national expert in Brand Strategy, Duane Knapp (BrandStrategy, Inc.) We conducted an extensive survey including staff, clients, donors and community leaders. A brand team was formed including board members, management staff and community leaders. All of those comments and perceptions from the surveys were used in alignment with the mission statement to develop the Brand Promise. The Promise words and embedded values inspired a new brand name and graphic. Professional market research was conducted to test public perception of the brand name. It was overwhelming positive. The Board of Directors unanimously approved the new brand.

Stay tuned for more updates as they develop and keep a watchful eye out for the new Homage Senior Services brand in the coming months.

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